St-Jérôme Chevrolet Buick GMC

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The St-Jerome Chevrolet Buick GMC featured vehicles!
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St-Jérôme Chevrolet Buick GMC: Used cars and trucks for sale in St-Jerome (near Laval)

Founded in 1955 in Lachute, St-Jerome Chevrolet Buick GMC really took off after it moved to downtown Saint-Jerome (near Laval). What followed were a few additional expansions over the years, which allowed the dealership to grow, modernise and offer tailored services that meet the needs of our ever growing client base.

Our qualified technicians, consultants and employees have helped our after-sales service department to receive one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any GM dealer in all of Quebec.

We invite you to come see for yourself the quality of our personnel and our new facilities at 265 John-F. Kennedy in St-Jerome (near Laval).
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